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Who are we

At Ulink, we are focused on a single priority – YOU. As our name implies, we as a company provide end to end solutions designed to keep you satisfied during your stay with our business and hope that through your satisfaction, we will retain a healthy and mutually long term business relationship together.

We don’t talk, we act, we don’t play, we work and we don’t milk our customers. We fill your environment with quality service. The U in our name is symbolic for us as a business to always remember why we are in business and why we perform, for you.


Ulink Print

The South African market is flooded with printing suppliers who offer the world and provide very little in terms of after sales service.

Our print team is aligned with our company vision, of always keeping the U in our conversations. What is important to you? We will be providing that solution.

Our Canon Print Solutions range from the one man office right up to high end production devices. Anything your business needs to print, we can offer nationwide.


Ulink Voice

We provide a telephony platform that offers the small home office user connectivity to DATA solutions and telephones and then expand up to thousands of users linked up to multiple sites nationwide. Nothing is too big or too small for Ulink to connect you to the outside world via our Cloud PBX solutions.

Our voice offerings for you:

  • Samsung PABX
  • Hosted PABX
  • Fibre, LTE, LCR and Microwave

Ulink Smart

The need for a converged electronic workflow and document management system is easily met with our Ulink Smart licenses, providing your business with an option to Digitize your paperflow and work processes.

Working digitally and removing human errors provides you with an enhanced business model for your own customer. Let us streamline your business processes efficiently and put power back into saving you time and money while sitting anywhere in the world.


Ulink Secure

Ulink have a unique approach to security, allowing for our CCTV systems to protect your business and record any disruption to your company. With remote viewing from the luxury of your mobile, you are always in touch with activity at your company.

The Ulink Secure options:

  • CCTV
  • Biometrics
  • Time and Attendance

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One of the biggest challenges in office expenditure is figuring out ways to spend less money and not sacrifice quality. One of the best ways to accomplish that is to cut down on your monthly expenses through installing cost saving high quality equipment. Even though some of your regular bills might seem small and insignificant on their own, their cumulative effect can be enormous – and become a huge drain on your resources.
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